Only Love is more powerful than fear.

It is a daunting task to capture the intricacies of nature in its many forms that begin with a seed and culminate with the landscape. MaiYap’s efforts to reflect this study in her paintings have caused her to turn her attention to our planet’s preservation. Not by stating the apparent problems or possible solutions, but by helping us to find in ourselves the strength we need to heal our planet.

Ms. Yap attempts to appeal to that child-like wonder that has been lost in this fast-paced, technologically imbued society by people prioritizing their desires over the collective good. Applied colors and textures mimic our planet’s movements in all its glory. As in nature, her images are built using a cornucopia of various shades of white and soft colors that are painstakingly applied stroke-by-stroke, layer-by-layer, as if woven in a tapestry of paint. For MaiYap, white is the color of new beginnings, protection and encouragement. When viewing her paintings from afar, the canvases take on a placid, tranquil look. Only by moving closer will all kinds of surprises be revealed. With a manipulation of pure oils using only the palette knife, these “nature maps” mimic many shapes and events that occur solely in nature. Adding abstracted wind patterns or ocean currents to emphasize the transient human condition completes each of the paintings in this series.

We depend on the earth for our physical health and spiritual well being.  Embracing these natural places that provide humanity with a sense of awe and renewal.  MaiYap believes that only through love for our planet can we find the necessary wisdom to overcome the actions that stop us from healing the environment and ourselves.  She titled this series “GRATITUDE” because being grateful is the most healing love of all.