MaiYap’s palette knife abstract art is the compilation of a lifetime observing human nature and natural phenomena from flowers to lightning. It’s an attempt to depict the world as it is right now; a place of immense beauty yet violent and in conflict. Life’s energy mixes and comes alive in a cornucopia of pure colors which are painstakingly applied stroke by stroke, layer by layer, like weaving a tapestry with paint. The result is a piece that grasps you with an unexpected undulating force. Subjects like hope, happiness, love, pain and frustration seem to constantly permeate throughout the experience.

These new series are also about nature, but of another kind. Not earth nature but human nature. They are called Reverberations. Because all what we feel, all human history seem to be an echo of what has passed before. And that all we do has consequences, repercussion in ourselves and others. Even though some of them might start with a difficult emotion like anger or disappointment, by the middle of the process my mostly positive and happy personality start showing on them. They ended being voices of hope and gratitude. I truly believe that no matter what, with love we can change the outcome of our lives and of our planet for future generations.